How To Teach Your Dog To Clean Up His Own Toys
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12446225_1736888816547374_175028761_n Do you spend several minutes every day picking up your dog’s toys and putting them away? Most dogs are like kids – they get every toy they have and spread it around the house until it looks like a pet store tornado came through your house. Why not teach your dog to clean up his own...
5 Signs You Need To Hire A Dog Trainer
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Whether they’d like to admit it or not, most dog owners are going to need to hire a dog trainer or go to an obedience class at some time or another. This isn’t a bad thing at all, it simply means that just like you would hire a professional to replace your roof, you should...

3 Early Signs of Aggression In Dogs
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Aggression is a natural behavior in canids, especially in wild animals, but is generally unnecessary and even dangerous in domesticated dogs. Unfortunately, most dog owners don’t recognize the early signs of aggression. In fact, most professional dog trainers don’t get...

5 Common Behavioral Problems In Dogs
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dog-1551705_640 The majority of dog owners have found themselves in need of a professional trainer and one point or another, or at least in need of some general guidance. This doesn’t mean you’re bad owners, it just means you’re experiencing one or more of the common behavioral problems everyone faces at least once in their dog-loving...