Jealous French Bulldog Demands More Attention From His Human
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237c20f9e784273521e1712372542857 I always make it a point not to play favorites with my dog. If I pet one dog, I make sure I pet the others too. Do you do the same thing with your dogs? I think they can tell if you’re playing favorites with them. And dogs can get jealous like humans. If...
Dog Owners: Be On The Lookout For Tennis Ball Bombs This 4th Of July
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fetch-feature If I’m walking my dog or letting her run in the dog park, it’s not unusual for us to see a stray tennis ball and play an...
13 Escape Artist Dog Breeds You Need To Keep An Eye On
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Most dogs need supervision from time to time, but certain breeds are better at staying home than others. All dogs are opportunists that like to escape, but some have...