Piglet Rescued From Slaughter Becomes Best Friends With Family Dog

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Don’t you just love animal friendships? It’s so amazing how two animals of different species put their differences aside and become the best of friends. And since we love dogs and the friends they make, here’s an adorable friendship we know you’ll love!

Meet Keeva–a cute French Bulldog pup, and her BFF, Peanut–a rescued piglet who’s just as cute! When these two met, they became fast friends!

Peanut was rescued from his depressing life inside a tiny cage. He was raised to be butchered and eaten. Thankfully, Keeva’s family opened their hearts and their home for him.

When they met, they immediately became friends. They eat together, sleep together, and they play together! These two have the one of the most adorable friendships we’ve ever seen! Check out the video below!


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