Worried Dog Dotes On Human At The Scene Of A Bus Accident

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There’s a lot of things we love about dogs. One of those things is their thoughtfulness. They care so much about how we feel and if we’re doing okay. I’m pretty sure some of you have tried crying in front of your dog to see how he/she reacts. And then you’ll get to see that sweet, worried look, and they’ll try to comfort you in whatever way they can.

The dog in the video below showed his human just how much he cares for him. In Colombia, victims of a bus accident were being treated on the scene. According to ta post by The Dodo, a mechanical failure caused the bus to veer off the road and collide with a structure. One of the victims was a dog owner, and when his wife was informed about the accident, she wasn’t the only one who was concerned and worried. It wasn’t just his wife who rushed to the scene to see how he was doing–his dog also tagged along!

Lucas the dog immediately went to his dad’s side to make sure he was okay. Check out the video below!


Awww…Looks to me that Lucas is refusing to leave his owner as well! What a sweet doggy!

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