John Stamos Posts Heartfelt Tribute To Honor His Beloved Dog

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Saying goodbye to a beloved canine companion is something all dog owners have to go through, and it never gets any easier for any of us. Perhaps the worst thing about dogs is that their lives are far too short. But that doesn’t mean we should spend any less time remembering them and the amazing lives they provided us. While we might feel misunderstood by those who haven’t had the joy of loving and losing pets, we can at least rest assured that we are not alone in our struggles.

In fact, even celebrities mourn the loss of their cherished companions. Most recently, John Stamos had to say goodbye to his admired German Shepherd Dog, Linka. If we’ve ever seen a heartfelt tribute, it’s the one Stamos posted for his lost love. Linka was always there, Stamos states, standing behind him like the loyal friend she was. It’s pretty amazing to see such emotion come from someone who seemingly has it all.

Stamos posted some beautiful pictures that show just how strong the bond between he and Linka was with a short message of his own: “She was always there, especially in the dark times. Never judging. By my side. Only loyal. #rip Linka.”

The struggle of losing a pet is real for everyone and it’s nice to see that a celebrity like Stamos took the time out of his day to give Linka the love and attention she deserved. She probably had no idea she was famous, and probably didn’t even care, but the beautiful tribute to her memory is everything we needed to see today. All dogs everywhere deserve an owner that loves and cherishes them the way Stamos did Linka. With so many sad rescues stories out there, it’s nice to see such a strong, moving passion between a man and his dog.

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