When Her 92-Year-Old Human Fell, This Rescued Dog Returned The Favor By Getting Help

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It seemed like just a regular day for Marie Alexander when she went outside with Sassy, her rescued Chihuahua, to get the mail. The 92-year-old woman rescued Sassy from a shelter and the two have been inseparable since, even with minor tasks like going outside to take the mail. But what most of us would consider a mundane task turned into a life-threatening event for Alexander. While outside, she twisted her ankle and fell behind her fence and bushes where no one could see her.

Seeing her owner in distress made Sassy take matters into her own hands…or paws. A normally quiet dog, she started barking to call for help. She ran barking at cars that passed by in the street and strangers that just happened to be walking by. Sassy tried and tried and finally, after nearly 5 hours of barking for help, her call was answered. A couple passing by knew that Sassy wasn’t just a regular yappy Chihuahua; she was trying to get their attention for a reason. Sassy led them straight to Alexander who was bruised, bug bitten and dehydrated for being stuck outside so long. But thanks to Sassy and the couple walking by, she’s recovered and here to stay!


It’s amazing what our dogs will do when we’re in trouble and Sassy proved that she was not backing down. Her human was hurt and in danger and she wasn’t about to give up trying to save her life. We’re so grateful she stayed strong and never surrendered, and we know Marie Alexander is too! Sassy truly is a hero and proved just how far dogs will go to show their love and dedication to us.

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