“Grumpy Dog” Changed His Human’s Life, Helps Pay For College To Pursue Her Dream

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When Jasmine Milton adopted a Husky puppy to help her cope with some newly-diagnosed health issues, she had no idea that her new companion would help her in more ways than one!

The 20-year-old from Shropshire, England hit rock bottom in 2013 when she attempted suicide. As it turned out, Milton had bi-polar disorder, the unknown culprit behind many of her darkest struggles.

“I was 18 and I went through a really bad down phrase.” Milton explained in a story byDaily Mail.”I didn’t know I had bipolar at the time. I had fallen out with all of my friends and I knew I hadn’t done well in my GCSEs.”

While in the hospital, a fellow patient, who was dealing with similar issues, told Milton about the healing power of having a canine companion. Four months later, Milton brought home a Husky puppy named Anuko.

Now 2-years-old, this gorgeous dog has unique markings around his eyes that make him appear “grumpy.” After posting some photos online that went viral, the world fell in love with this expressive pup. And Milton says, despite his looks, Anuko really isn’t cranky at all!

“He looks really grumpy, but actually he is really friendly, affectionate,” she explained to Daily Mail.

His adorably unimpressed face hasn’t deterred strangers from wanting to meet him, either. “People would cross the other side of the road to come and stroke him when we were out walking,” Milton explained in the story.

As the pup gained social media fame, he and his human have been able to cash in–around £20,000 (about $26,600) so far! The ever-practical Milton, who is now enjoying life as a college student with a canine best friend, has decided to put their earnings toward her college tuition.

“I was looking at all this money and knew I had to decide what to do with it and what to do with my life,” she told Daily Mail. “My dad is a clinical psychologist and having gone through my own struggles, I decided I wanted to be a clinical psychiatrist.”

Thanks to Anuko, Jasmine Milton is able to pursue her dream to help others heal from the issues that she endured, herself. Although the money is nice, we have no doubt that Anuko’s best gift to his human is the love and loyalty that only a dog can provide. Perhaps she’ll even recommend getting a pet to some of her patients!

You can follow Anuko on Instagram: @huskyanuko.

(h/t: Daily Mail)

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