Bulldog Puppy Born With Half A Spine Just Wants To Love On Everybody
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b2a621447bebe70b7947ca53ba8b58e0 They say he’s half a Bulldog but twice the love! Everyone, meet Bonsai–an English Bulldog puppy with multiple rare deformities. Bonsai was born on April 27th 2015 with just half of his spine. He has no functional pelvis and has malformed rear...
Jealous French Bulldog Demands More Attention From His Human
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237c20f9e784273521e1712372542857 I always make it a point not to play favorites with my dog. If I pet one dog, I make sure I pet the others too. Do you do the same thing with your dogs? I think they can tell if you’re playing favorites with them. And dogs can get jealous like humans. If...
Are English Bulldogs On The Brink Of Extinction?
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pexels-photo-1-300x182 Americans love English Bulldogs so much that we have made them our fourth most popular dog breed for three years running. Who can resist those squishy faces, those stumpy legs, those roly poly, pudgy bodies? As cute as these traits are, scientists say they could be the very reason the...
9 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Bulldogs
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2-300x225 Bulldogs: the wrinkly, roly-poly balls of fun, with their floppy jowls and goofy underbites, are easily recognizable. Today’s version of this pup is usually so friendly and happy-go-lucky, you’d never guess the original purpose they were bred for. Intrigued? Read on. If you love these stout, snorting goofballs...
14 Dog Breeds Closely Related To Wolves (You Will Be Surprised!)
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All dogs have descended from wolves or other wild canids and many still maintain their primitive looks and temperaments today.

Although it’s been centuries since dogs became domesticated, recent DNA studies have brought to light which of the recognized breeds are the most closely related to wolves and their...

Dog Owners: Be On The Lookout For Tennis Ball Bombs This 4th Of July
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fetch-feature If I’m walking my dog or letting her run in the dog park, it’s not unusual for us to see a stray tennis ball and play an...
13 Escape Artist Dog Breeds You Need To Keep An Eye On
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Most dogs need supervision from time to time, but certain breeds are better at staying home than others. All dogs are opportunists that like to escape, but some have...

Beagle-Shaped Bed & Breakfast Is The Perfect Stay For Dog Lovers!
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beaglebnb-e1473691037250 If you’re a dog lover, then obviously you are naturally drawn to things that have to do with dogs. And although Idaho may not be the first place that comes to...
New Ohio Law Promises To Put Animal Abusers Behind Bars
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dog-jail As of Tuesday, September 13, 2016, a new law in Ohio has been put into effect that would make it a felony to abuse companion animals. According to WCMH: House Bill 60,...
7 Things That Are Harder To Do When You Have A Dog
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screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-8-31-45-am When you bring a dog into your home, a lot of things change. Toys get strewn all over the floor. We make...
These Dogs Motivate Their Humans To Achieve Their Fitness Goals
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3564 Our dogs can help us improve a lot of aspects in our lives. They help us emotionally by cheering us up when we’re sad, and by simply keeping us company. They also help us in the physical aspect too!...
3 Unhealthy Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Treats
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When it comes to choosing the right dog treats, you might find yourself feeling lost looking down the aisle at your local pet supply store. Or maybe...

The Ultimate Checklist For Buying Safe, Quality Treats For Your Dog
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When it comes to choosing the right treats for our dogs, the options can get overwhelming. There are so many different things to consider, so how can...
Can What I Feed My Dog Make Him Calmer?
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pexels-photo-57627 We struggle with where our focus should be when we select foods and supplements for our dogs. There are diets for almost everything and recently there are even diets and dietary additives that are designed to produce mental calming and aid in anxiety disorders. Research has shown that there are...
6 Tricks For Teaching Lie Down To A Small Dog
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smalldogdown1 When it comes to teaching dogs basic cues such as sit and down, most of us think of them as “easy.” And, for the most part, they are. However, sometimes even these “simple” behaviors can be hard to teach your dog. Small dogs, in particular, are often harder to teach lie down to than bigger...
Verbal Cues Vs. Hand Signals
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handverbal1 Awhile ago, I wrote about new research that showed hand signals...
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